Clippit Mobile App Launches, Offers Viewers a Tool to Clip and Share Live TV

User generated clipping service provider Didja announces today the launch of Clippit, the mobile app that allows users to clip and share their favorite live TV moments. The app empowers viewers to select a scene up to 30 seconds and instantly share short video segments or “clips” from a live broadcast event or “on-the-air-now” TV show.

To clip, viewers choose their show from the Clippit menu – it will already know what’s on TV at that moment – and the exact scenes they just watched appear on their mobile device. They can then clip TV’s exciting, emotional, ridiculous, and ‘oops’ moments — and share them with their followers within the app and friends on Twitter and Facebook.


“With Clippit, the viewer is in control,” says Jim Long, CEO of Didja. “Viewers are already sharing fun and memorable clips during their favorite programs, football games, award shows, TV premieres, and more through low resolution methods like recording their TV with their phone’s camera. The Clippit tool offers an easier way to capture live TV and maintain the professional quality of the programming as well as other content owner benefits.”


Each clip shared on social media offers attribution to the network and show. Programs can only be clipped when live over the air (+ 1 hour after) and users can only share a 30-second maximum clip from networks supported by the app. Users cannot use Clippit to watch live or stored programs. There is no retransmission or distribution of content.


“There is a tremendous value for media companies in the ‘tune in’ potential and free impressions when viewers are posting sharable clips during football games, award shows, TV premieres, and more,” explains Long. “Our goal is to maximize consumer engagement with content by providing this simple user generated clipping experience.”


To download Clippit on iOS and Anroid, visit Clippit.TV.

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