Installing The Service On Your Android Phone provides a VPN service for both your personal computer and for your mobile phone. The software and apps are completely free, and you can even try them out without paying anything at all. It’s really a simple process, but don’t worry, I will take you through it step-by-step.

1. Go to the Play Store on your phone.


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 2. Enter the search term “ VPN.


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3. Select the App. and then click on “install”.


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4. Once the app installs, click on it to start. If you have not installed the app before, you’ll see a button that says “New account”. Click on it to start a new account with the VPN service. (Note: if you already have a VPN account, you’ll see the login information listed here, and you can click on that instead. See second figure).


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5. You’ll see a box for Account Properties. In that box, use the email address and password you wish to set up for your account. Click on “Create new account” (if you don’t already have one) and then click on “Add”.


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6. If you click on connect, it will bring you to an information screen. This screen gives you information to purchase a Premium account, view connection statistics and manage your accounts with But wait, we’re not done yet! Go back to your home screen, and then go into your Android settings. (You can also follow instructions but clicking on the “How to Connect” button). Now click on More settings. (Some phones may be slightly different in appearance).


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7. Next, click on VPN. Then click on Add VPN network.


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8. Now you’ll enter the Faceless server information. Enter “Faceless” for Name. Under type, “PPTP”. For Server address, enter “”. Leave PPP encryption checked. Now click on Save.


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9. You’ll see the Faceless server listed now. Click on it, and a username and password box will pop up. Enter the User name and password you created earlier, and click Connect. It may take a few minutes for the connection to be accepted.


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10. Once your phone is connected, you’ll see a new icon that resembles a key in your notification bar. That’s it! You’re now protected when you browse the internet on your Android phone.

That’s it! You’re now protected, and the Faceless VPN service is running. For a low price, the Premium Account offers the same great connection as the Free version, only now the user has better speed, unlimited bandwidth and they can choose to change between different servers.

The VPN service provides a reliable and robust secure connection, that encrypts the user’s data when they are connected. Faceless offers a free download for their connection software, and it’s a snap to setup. The software is available for Windows, Apple OS X or Linux computers, and unlike some VPN providers, they offer apps for both iPhone and Android smart phones. Users of devices based on Android can purchase a subscription from an application that can be installed from Google Play. Payment is made through Google Checkout.

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