5 Ways To Get Your Small Business Noticed


When it comes to business, it’s vital to your success to offer a product or service that is useful at a price customers are willing to pay; it would be difficult to sell an expensive drill if no one had need for a hole. But, promoting your business is absolutely essential to receiving new customers and keeping the ones you have. When it’s time to create that hole, you want them to come to you! Here are five simple, yet powerful ways to get your business noticed.

Online Reviews

Today, online review sites are everywhere, and anyone can be a critic. Millions of ratings are posted to the internet for businesses large and small. A recent online survey found that 84% of Americans admit online reviews are a major factor in determining what they will buy. These customers think twice before they will do business if reviews are poor or unavailable.

Do you know what customers are saying online about you? Finding out is easy. Do a simple search by typing your business into any search engine and read what comes up. Good reviews will lead to more and more business, but a bad review can leave your business stuck in the mud. It may prove quite difficult to bounce back if the unfavorable review is not dealt with. If you find your business has received negative ratings, attempt to contact that customer and make things right.

Social Media

Social media is the new front porch of business. These sites provide tools to interact and get to know your customers. Social media is a party where the more, the merrier.

Just about everyone these days belongs to at least one form of social media. This is important because a window of knowledge will open as you are allowed to read the thoughts and comments posted by your customers. This open communication will help you to better understand customer and client needs, which will in turn help you to present and reshape your products and services in a way that is more appealing.


Even though it seems people these days walk around with a smart phone or tablet glued to their hands, print is not completely dead. Signs, posters, business cards, postcards and brochures are still great ways to share information about your business and the services you provide. You can create these items easily with word processing software. Even better, page layout software provides tools to create many print items and can give your marketing campaign a professional appearance that lends credibility to your business.


Creatinga website for your own business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. While you can hire a web designer to do the work for you, that is not your only option.

To get started, you will need a web host and a domain name. Both of these cost a small fee, but your online presence is worth the price. From there, utilizing online design services will provide the tools necessary to create a professional looking website. Alternatively, you can utilize the same page layout software that you used to create your print material. This way, all your online and print material will match and appear more professional. Additionally, some page layout software allows you to resize your pages and images for different screen sizes such as tablets.


Creating a blog can help you to build your business, generate leads and make sales. By posting things that are relevant and interesting to readers in your market, your blog can lead new customers straight to your business. You can start a blog easily by utilizing one of the many blog services available online. It isn’t necessary to post something every day, but try to post new material three to five times a week. Be sure to respond to any comments or questions that are posted in a timely manner.

Don’t allow your quality product or service go unused, and do what it takes to get your business noticed.

[author ]Jared Jaureguy is a technology enthusiast and independent technology consultant. Follow him on Twitter @JaredJaureguy. [/author]

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