Russian social network removes references to children’s fashion


According to a media report, VKontakte, a popular Russian social network has removed all the scandalous references to children’s fashion from its website.

The social media site which has over 200 million users, was complying to a request sent by Russia’s federal watchdog agency.

In a statement by Vladimir Pikov, the press secretary of Russia’s federal watchdog agency in the field of mass communications said, “We sent a letter to the VKontakte senior management where we asked them to restrict access to the unlawful content, against which Internet users had filed petitions, and we listed references to more than twenty groups dealing with children’s fashion.”

Kontakte executives confirmed that all the groups of this kind had been removed and they would continue suppressing such content in the future, too, they said.

On November 1, 2012, the Russian authorities launched a unified register of websites containing unlawful information – the so-called Blacklist.

Soon after that, groups devoted to the so-called children’s fashion started emerging in VKontakte that produced a heated public reaction.

The photos uploaded in the network showed children in salacious clothes and poses. Many Internet surfers indicated that pictures of the kind might be of interest mostly for paedophiles.

Last November a controversial law took effect which blacklists websites considered harmful to children.

The law allows the government to take sites offline without a trial.

The authorities say the goal is to protect minors from websites featuring sexual abuse of children, offering details about how to commit suicide, encouraging users to take drugs and sites that solicit children for pornography.

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