Video Blogging On YouTube For Brand Awareness


Image courtesy of Scott Kinmartin

Image courtesy of Scott Kinmartin

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a great increase in video blogging and video marketing. We also see an increase in general content marketing from businesses of all types. Video content and social media presence are increased across the board as companies realize now that this is the future of advertising and marketing. So if you are looking to build your brand, it will be important to learn more about how video blogging can help.

When creating videos, you have a variety of places you can post and publish them online. That being said, YouTube is the number one source online for videos and you can publish on YouTube and still share on your website, social media, etc. So your best bet is to create a YT channel for your business, publish your videos there first and then share across other networks from there.

Why Does Video Help Your Brand?

So what is so great about video anyway? Using video as part of your online content marketing plan is a smart move. You can use brand-driven videos to increase conversion and time spent on company sites or accounts. You are engaging the visitor in a new (visual) way.  People are much more likely to buy if they see and hear you or a representative of your company in a video. It creates a personal connection that you cannot get from text content alone.

What Does Video Blogging Entail?

It’s one thing to make a video; it’s another thing to participate in regular video blogging. So what does this entail? Well first, think of all the things you cover in a written blog. Tutorials, question and answer sessions, information about your products and services, interviews and more. These are the same things you can do in video blogging. Video content doesn’t necessarily require professional filming or equipment. You can do a great job with some of the simplest of materials. It all begins with a content marketing plan, a camera and a YouTube account.

Building and Boosting Your Accounts

Now that you know why and how you should use video blogging for brand awareness, how can you build your YT account to one that people know and love? Well first you can buy YouTube views but just like anything else you purchase, the person is only in it for the money. It’s a click. A number. It’s not engagement. However, it’s human nature for us to want more of what other people like. So some people find that buying those numbers helps increase actual engagement because people want something they believe is already popular.

[author ] Sarah Branch is a big YouTube fan who creates videos on her business and her hobbies. Click here to learn more about how you can gain more views to each video you produce and publish.[/author]

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