Developments For The Windows Phone

Microsoft has no plan B if the Windows Phone 8 fails according to CFO Peter Klein…

The second generation of Windows-powered phones was launched late last year in an effort to usurp the mobile video chat dominance of the all-conquering iPhone. An integral part of Microsoft’s long-term rebranding process, the phone really is make or time for the 90s tech-superpower.

But what sets the new Windows phones apart from the competitors, and are they really is good enough to end the reign of the Apple as king of the smartphones?


The Windows system is notable for its vivid Metro interface, which eschews traditional displays to provide a unique and elegant user experience.

The phone is also the first from the company to use the Windows NT kernel, which is also used on tablets and PCs running Windows 8 operating system. This provides users with enhanced driver and network stacks as well as better graphics and security components.

Additionally the phone can be used as a digital wallet by users, who can also set up a ‘Kids Corner’ to allow their children to play with the device without deleting or transferring any important information.

iPhone killer?

Whether the model is good enough to knock the iPhone of its perch remains debatable. Experts were recently blown away by Microsoft’s head of public relations claim that the model was indeed outshipping the iPhone in seven different countries. However, what Frank Shaw failed to mention was that these areas were places like Poland and Argentina and that, in three of the markets, less than 100,000 Windows Phones had been distributed.

And, in comparison to the iPhone, Microsoft’s model is not without its problems. The main criticism of the phone is the small selection of apps currently available on its operating system, leaving users feeling short-changed in comparison to others. The lack of a notification system, which Microsoft claim it simply ran out of time to include, has also annoyed customers.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Windows Phone 8 hasn’t helped revitalise the company’s fortunes. Between October and January its share of the crucial American mobile market declined slightly to 3.1%, showing that Microsoft are still searching for the silver bullet to defeat the iPhone.


And the future doesn’t look like it will get much better for the Windows Phone 8 either. Microsoft has stated they will only provide guaranteed operating system updates until July 2014. This means that, much like its predecessor, the latest model will be at the mercy of individual designers and mobile carriers over whether it will be compatible for system and security upgrades.

Do you own Microsoft’s latest phone? How have you found it?

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