Is Online Movie Streaming The Way Forward?

It doesn’t seem all that long ago when the likes of LoveFilm burst onto the scene offering something different to film fans in the way of being able to rent DVDs without having to go down to the local film store and leave the comfort of your warm home.

Leading rental service provider Blockbuster soon realised the days when it could remain profitable through in-store rentals alone were at an end. First of all they began to sell DVDs and games for consoles and offer better value prices on older titles for rent, but many customers preferred to order films through the internet and have the Blu-ray or DVD discs posted out to their home address.

Now there are many firms offering the rental service through the post, with plenty of new member promotions to entice customers into trying this form of movie rental. However, in order to stay ahead of the game those companies at the forefront of innovation made the move towards online streaming.

With US providers like Netflix already proving to be a hit stateside, the stage was set for this phenomenon to come over to the UK too. And within a relatively short space of time, there are now a number of rental companies offering the online streaming of TV shows as well as the latest film releases. While some do not have access to all the biggest blockbusters just yet, their catalogues are growing by the day – as is the quality of the streaming service.

The only real issue is the broadband speed of the end user, with the smooth buffering of the film dependant on the internet connection at the source. So as long as the customer has a decent enough broadband service, they will be able to enjoy the service to the full.

Faster and more reliable broadband services are being worked on all the time and so it looks like it won’t be long before everyone can enjoy the option of being able to watch the latest new film releases without having to leave the house.

Providers are now seeking to offer better customer service too, so that more and more people will become members and make use of the latest in online streaming. It certainly looks like it is here to stay, so as long as you have a good home cinema setup at home, you can benefit from an amazing high definition viewing experience via your computer or internet-connected TV.

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