Brand Consultant and Effective Marketing of Your Product on the Web


Think of a landscape, devoid of any features – no mountains, no lakes and no trees – just one hot, flat barren waste land. There is no rain, just scorching heat. Life would be impossible and, let’s be honest, boring. It is the features of the landscape – the forests, the snow-capped mountains and the crystal clear lakes – that make this earth unique. Now, apply this same concept to the business world, especially web marketing. With product uniqueness and identify then in all possibility, your business wouldn’t exist. Establishing a product’s identity is what is known as product branding. And, in the crowded, featureless place that is the Web, a brand consultant will make your product stand out, making it a unique feature in the landscape of web marketing.

Now this is the problem – the market is flooded by similar products all marketed to tell us they do the same thing as its competitors, but better. A brand consultant is the person (or company in some cases) with the knowledge, skills and ability to make your product identity unique, irrespective of its common similarities with another product;

A banana is a banana. It’s yellow, slightly curved, full of potassium and good for you. A banana sold by one company is as good, the same in fact, as a banana sold by another business. However, how it’s packaged and how it is served are two different things, making one banana product distinguished from another.

A brand consultant will help you make these web marketing challenges because the one thing that the web is over and above an ordinary market place is its dynamism and fluidity; it is a constantly evolving beast where patience is limited. A shopper cruising past a market stall may loiter for a few minutes; on the Internet they will land on a webpage and stay for a few seconds. And so a brand consultant will help you answer these questions:

  1. How will you trap the attention of a web shopper?
  2. How will you arouse their interest, and turn them into customers?
  3. How is your product ‘packaged’ on the Web to pull in these customers?

Challenging questions – but perhaps the real challenge lay in finding the answers! If you little, or no experience of trading on the Web, a brand consultant would be a worthwhile investment.

In a nutshell…

A brand consultant is a professional, fast becoming a ‘must-have’ in the competitive world of e-commerce, who is tasked to create and develop a unique product ‘image’ that embeds within the mid of the customer, an everlasting visual and psychological reference within their psyche; in other words, a brand consultant makes your product unique and memorable so that it becomes trusted by the consumer.

Uniqueness is the key of any brand consultant. The market is full of similar items – look at water, for example, and the number of different brands being sold. What makes a consumer buy one brand of water over another, regardless of price, for example? It’s all down to product branding.

A brand consultant in this sense would look at creating product differentiation, marking out to consumers why and how this product is different to the competitors. This product image sways the consumer into your direction, meaning that essentially they buy your product.

In essence, a brand consultant could create the web-based niche you will need to sell your product.

[author ]This article was written by Arnold Shelby. His has written many time on the improtance of a brand consultant in modern business. To get help with your brand visit[/author]

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