Which Businesses are Best for Consistent Service?

Possible Perfection?

As much as business leaders will preach about the need for perfection at all times, most logical, realistic people will accept that no such thing is possible. Still, it is definitely the approach to take, following the mantra that if you aim for perfection then you will at least achieve 90%, which is still better than most competitors can offer.

What about the businesses that always achieve perfection, though, who always have the product you need in stock, or always have people available to talk to you? We live in a crazy world where waiting for an ambulance or a policeman can take an age, but everyday businesses are shaking with excitement to get someone interacting with you.

Just how do they do it?

Hire Companies

Ever noticed that whenever you go to the hire car office in town that they always have what you want? Part of this is, of course, that they hedge their bets and simply group cars up rather than saying ‘this car costs X to hire, this one Y, and this one Z’ on an individual basis. If you were looking to hire specifically a Toyota Avensis, for example, and they were advertising that, chances are they might run into difficulty, hence why they stay well away from marketing this way.

What if someone hired 20 cars, though? You still get the feeling that there would still be enough cars available, even when they had all been hired.

Unbeknownst to many, car hire firms are among the most pro-active businesses there are. Stocks at key points are monitored continuously, and if there are shortages of any vehicle then relocation is swiftly organised, so that all customer bookings can be honoured.

Blame Direct

Whether they are on the street asking if you have had any accidents lately or answering your phone calls, there is always someone at these ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ merchants ready to talk to you, rubbing their hands with excitement as they prepare to sue over often the most innocuous things.

While we all know the financial incentives that they all work to, leading at times to our great annoyance, we should acknowledge that they do a good job for the people who genuinely need them.

The Banks

Okay, so we’re clutching at straws a little here, and you will probably find yourself waiting in line for ages, or listening to the latest X Factor or American Idol winner while on hold on the telephone, but at least when you speak to someone they are friendly and personable.

That’s not to say you don’t get the odd bad experience, but in the most part going to or phoning the bank is quick, easy, and allows you to access your money in a simple manner.

This article was written by Transfercar, an online relocation service providing cheap, often free, relocation caravans and cars for hire by the public.

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