10 promising European startups founded by women

Despite the high disparity in the number of startups founded by men and women due to factors such as funding resources and gender discrimination in the tech and  startup world, women-led startups are coming of age and are coming to the forefront in growth and innovation of startups.

EU-Startups  have highlighted 10 of the most promising European startups that have been founded by women. the ten are as follows:

Futrli: (Co-founded by Amy Harris and Hannah McIntyre in 2014). This UK-based startup is a financial forecasting platform for SMEs, giving business owners and accountants tomorrow’s insights, today.

Kukua: (Founded by Lucrezia Bisignani in 2014) London-based Kukua empowers children’s literacy globally.

Mercaux: (Founded by Olga Kotsur in 2013). UK-based Mercaux enables retailers to transform the customer shopping experience by bringing the benefits of digital tools into physical stores.

Nova Leah: (Founded by Anita Finnegan in 2015). Based in Ireland, Nova Leah developed SelectEvidence, an expert cybersecurity risk analysis system, providing medical device manufacturers with an automated solution for implementing and maintaining cybersecurity requirements across medical device product portfolios.

Omni:us: (Founded by Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss in 2015) This Berlin-based startup delivers structured data from highly variable documents to streamline insurance backend processes.

TOLREMO: (Founded by Dr. Stefanie Fluckiger-Mangual with Dr. Emmanuel Savioz, Isaac Kobrin and Dr. Wilhelm Krek in 2017 ) TOLREMO is using ground-breaking scientific knowledge to discover and develop small molecule drugs that target novel drug resistance pathways in cancer therapy.

Sendoo: (Founded by Sandra Kinnmark and Sebastian Malmberg in 2016) Stockholm-based Sendoo enables consumers to send and transport things with drivers who want to help out or earn extra money.

TransferMate: (Founded by Sinead Fitzmaurice with Barry Dowling and Terry Clune in 201). Dublin-based TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology that enables companies to send and receive payments cheaper, faster, easier than ever before.

Vinted: (Founded by Milda Mitkute with Justas Janauskas in 2008). Vinted is a peer-to-peer mobile social marketplace for pre-loved clothing. The startup is based in Lithunia.

Waldo: (Founded by Ashleigh Hinde in 2017). London-based Waldo delivers high quality contact lenses by subscription.

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