GSF Accelerator Announces $1 Mn Investment in 4 Startups

Global Super Angels Forum (GSF), a startup accelerator as well as an early-stage fund, has announced USD $1M investment into 4 startups as a part of its sixth batch. GSF has so far funded 50 startups.

“This year, we have invested in 4 deep tech startups Their focus ranges from Manufacturing Tech to vernacular content marketplace, from AI driven sales analytics to deep learning legal & FinTech. These 4 startups are at seed stage and have innovative solutions with paying customers. Our global ecosystem of mentors, advisors, investors and EiRs has helped these 4 startups over the last 6 months” said Rajesh, founder of GSF Accelerator.

As part of this multi-country program, the startups have been mentored by top founders, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in Bangalore and have recently completed an immersion program in the Silicon Valley. Next, they will visit China and Japan for exposure to the investment and startup communities in these countries.

Founded in 2011, GSF team consists of founder Rajesh Sawhney, Operating Partner Rajat Harlalka and EIRs Nirmal Shah and Bhargavi Vijaykumar. All four are tech founders themselves.

The four are:-

Chizel is a Cloud platform that offers a convenient way to manufacture engineering components.

Khabri is a fast growing digital platform for vernacular audio content.

Slintel: is a Technographics powered discovery and AI driven recommendation platform helping companies improve their sales conversion rates by predicting who their next customer would be.

Vaultedge: is a smart AI platform that helps Banks & BPOs perform Loan Underwriting and Contract Abstraction in real-time.

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