Boost VC  seeks applications for their Tribe 12 acceleration program

The Venture Capital behind several crypto startups, such as Etherscan, MyCrypto and Aragon is accepting application from blockchain startups that seek funding for their projects.

In their official announcement, Boost’s co-founder, Brayton Williams outlined the kind of startups they are seeking as follows:

  1. What is the Consensys of other blockchains/dapps? Studio builder model for quick iterations on bringing crypto mainstream. Too early to go all in on one idea but experiment with MVPs.
  2. Tools for building/maintaining crypto teams. Crypto teams are different. They are remote first, contractor heavy and many times dealing with near instant liquidity — thus different incentive models than traditional startups.
  3. Tools that are cross blockchain (outside of wallet, exchange, storage). Lot of these are land grabs. Build a utility necessary for interacting with blockchains and recreate on the other top 5–10 chains. APIs, data and naming are all potential. But what else?
  4. Front ends for blockchains/dapps. What is the Coinbase for other blockchains/dapps?
  5. Regulatory arbitrage plays. We invest globally. Therefore we will look at teams using certain jurisdictions to their advantage. Areas of legal gambling. Custody designed for specific countries. Trading securities.

With 75 crypto projects on their funding portfolio, Boost has proven their genuine interest in the crypto and blockchain development, while striving to expand the portfolio, at the same time.

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