Y Combinator seeks geo-engineering startups to combat climate change

San Francisco-based startup accelerator Y Combinator , is issuing a request for startups that will focus on different kinds of geo-engineering technologies in a bid to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“A report by United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change released this month expects the atmosphere-on our current trajectory-to warm up by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040. Even the effects of a 0.5 degrees increase will have far-reaching consequences… We believe there’s still time to make a change if we look both to renewal energy and CO2 removal.” the accelerator program says on its site.

“We are going to present four categories focused on removing CO2 that we think deserve more research and attention – which YC would be excited to fund.” the statement continues.

The four categories being sought includes:

  • Ocean Phytoplankton – Seeks to scale up Genetically engineered phytoplankton to photosynthetically convert CO2 into an ultra-stable carbon sequestration medium.
  • Electro-Geo Chemistry – uses an electrochemical process to increase the rate of geochemical CO2 removal.
  • Desert Flooding – Use of oases to grow phytoplankton, with additional desalinated water being used to irrigate the surrounding area to propagate vegetation as well as provide fresh water to nearby communities.
  • Cell-Free Enzyme Systems – Seeks to purify the necessary enzymes for carbon fixation from a single biosynthetic pathway
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