Y Combinator reveals its top 100 startups

Since its inception in 2005, startup accelerator Y Combinator has seen hundreds of startups pass through its doors many of which have gone out to become great success stories in the startup world.

The startup accelerator, which provides its startups with $150,000 seed funding, mentorship and educational resources through a short-term program that culminates in a demo day, has revealed its top 100 YC companies – which is basically the top 100 most successful startups since it began backing startups in 2005, all ranked according to valuation.

These companies have created over 28,000 jobs, and have a combined valuation of over $100B, and  5 companies valued at over $1B were funded by YC in the last 5 years..

It’s important to note that half the companies were founded less than five years ago, with Atrium which comes at number 52, having been founded less than 12 months ago.

10 companies in the list boast of having at least one woman in the co-founding team.

So here is a simplified list of the startups that made the cut. For a comprehensive list, head over to Y Combinator.

  1. Airbnb: An online travel community and room-sharing platform.
  2. Stripe: A provider of an online payment processing system for internet businesses.
  3. Cruise: Building autonomous vehicles.
  4. Dropbox: A file hosting service and workplace collaboration platform.
  5. Instacart: A grocery and home essentials delivery service.
  6. Machine Zone: A mobile games company.
  7. DoorDash: An app-based food delivery service.
  8. Zenefits: Human resources software for small and medium-sized businesses.
  9. Gusto: Software that automates and simplifies payroll for businesses.
  10.  Reddit: An online platform for conversation and thousands of communities.
  11.  Coinbase: A digital cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform.
  12.  PagerDuty: A digital ops management platform for businesses.
  13.  Docker: Allows developers to build, manage and secure business-critical applications.
  14.  Ginkgo Bioworks: A biotech company focused on designing custom microbes. .
  15.  Rappi: A Latin American on-demand delivery startup.
  16.  Brex: A B2B financial startup that provides corporate cards to startups.
  17.  GitLab: A developer service that aims to offer a full lifecycle DevOps platform.
  18.  Twitch:  A live streaming video platform. Acquired by Amazon in 20014.
  19.  Flexport: A logistics company that moves freight globally by air, ocean, rail and truck.
  20.  Mixpanel: A user analytics platform that helps each person at a business understand its users.
  21. Checkr: Provides background checks for global enterprises and startups.
  22. Optimizely: Makes customer experience optimization software for other companies.
  23. LendUp: a financial technology company
  24. Segment: Allows businesses to use a single API for event tracking.
  25. uBiome: Has developed key technology to sequence the human microbiome.
  26. Memebox: An online beauty community and collection of in-house beauty brands.
  27. Zapier: A web automation app.
  28. Rigetti Computing: Developer of quantum integrated circuits used for quantum computers.
  29. Thalmic: Developed wearable technology and human-computer interaction (HCI).
  30. Podium: Provides messaging, reviews, and insights for local business.
  31. EquipmentShare: A peer-to-peer equipment rental marketplace.
  32. Soylent: A a brand of meal replacement products.
  33. PlanGrid: Builds construction productivity software.
  34. Sift Science: A fraud detection software for online businesses.
  35. Algolia: Offers a web search product through a SaaS model.
  36. EasyPost: Allows developers to integrate shipping into any e-commerce application.
  37. Amplitude: A product analytics software for web and mobile.
  38. Meta: Makes augmented reality products.
  39. WePay: An online payment servicefor SaaS and crowdfunding platforms. Acquired by JPMorgan Chase in 2017.
  40. MemSQL: A distributed, highly-scalable SQL database that can run anywhere.
  41. Weebly: A platform for e-commerce, websites and integrated marketing  Acquired by Square in 2018.
  42. CoreOS: Develops open source tools for modern distributed systems. Acquired by Red Hat in 2018.
  43. Vidyard: Creates software to host and analyze video performance.
  44. Clever:  Improve education through the use of technology.
  45. MessageBird: Cloud communications platform that connects enterprises to their global customers.
  46. Heroku: A container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). Acquired by Salesforce in 2010.
  47. GOAT: Provides a mobile-only marketplace to buy and sell sneakers.
  48. Ridecell: Provides carsharing, ridesharing, and autonomous fleet platform.
  49. Matterport: Makes it easy for anyone to create a realistic 3D model of the world around them.
  50. Fivestars: A rewards and marketing platform for local businesses and the communities they serve.
  51. Faire: Helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores.
  52. Atrium: Uses technology to give startups legal services.
  53. Rescale: Develops a cloud computing simulation platform.
  54. Lever: streamlines the hiring process and simplifies the applicant tracking system.
  55. Front: Lets you manage all of your communication channels in one place.
  56. ShipBob: Helps ecommerce businesses with shipping and logistics.
  57. Le Tote: A clothing rental subscription service featuring top brands.
  58. OMGPOP: A developer of social games for facebook, iphone and the open web. Acquired by Zynga in 2013.
  59. Axoni: Provides distributed-ledger technology for financial institutions and capital markets service providers.
  60. Scribd: A digital library, e-book and audiobook subscription service.
  61. Lob: Makes it possible for enterprises to programmatically send physical mail at scale.
  62. Atomwise: Uses artificial intelligence for drug discovery.
  63. Heap: Lets you automatically capture every user interaction from web, mobile, and cloud services.
  64. Hush: Community-driven shopping experience on your phone.
  65. FutureAdvisor: helps people reach their long-term financial goals. Acquired by Blackrock in 2015.
  66. SFOX: Crypto-currency trading platform.
  67. InfluxData: Provides an open source platform for metrics and events (time-sensitive data).
  68. Bitmovin: Develops software to solve complex problems in video streaming.
  69. Boom: Building Supersonic passenger jets.
  70. ZeroCater: Delivers personalized local office catering and snacks services for your office.
  71. Rainforest: Helps companies rethink QA and bring it into today’s era of continuous delivery.
  72. SmartAsset: Provide the best personal finance advice on the web.
  73. Embark: Develops self-driving semi trucks.
  74. Razorpay: Allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite.
  75. Qventus: Optimizes decisions in hospitals in real time.
  76. Cloudant:  Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for web and mobile apps.Acquired by IBM in 2014.
  77. GrubMarket: provides affordable farm-to-table food delivery.
  78. Codecademy: Offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages.
  79. Automatic: Turns just about any car into a connected car. Acquired by SiriusXM in 2017.
  80. Ironclad: Builds modern contract management and workflow automation.
  81. FarmLogs: Help farmers execute their production and grain marketing decisions.
  82. Caviar: Food delivery startup. Acquired by Square in 2014.
  83. HackerRank: Technology hiring platform that assesses developer skills.
  84. Nurx: offers a safe, easy solution for getting your birth control and PrEP.
  85. Function of Beauty: Offers personalized hair care based on your hair type & hair goals.
  86. Gigster: Offers fast and easy way to build custom software solutions.
  87. Goldbelly: A curated marketplace for gourmet food & food gifts.
  88. BuildZoom: Helps you find the perfect contractor for any job – commercial or residential.
  89. People.ai: AI platform for data-driven sales and marketing.
  90. inDinero: Builds accounting software and data for small businesses.
  91. Firebase: A mobile and web application development platform. Acquired by Google in 2014.
  92. Genius: Brings music intelligence to the masses.
  93. Science Exchange: A marketplace for scientific research.
  94. Thread: Helps anyone dress well with the help of a personal stylist.
  95. The Muse: Helps job seekers find the best companies.
  96. Second Measure: An analytics platform that lets you see inside companies.
  97. Scale Labs: Provides human-powered high quality results for AI applications.
  98. Strikingly: An online web platform enabling individuals to build mobile-optimized websites.
  99. The Athletic: Local and national sports coverage from an all-star team of writers.
  100. HelloSign: Digital workflow platform.
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