Save Your Wardrobe Fashion App  helps you make the most of your wardrobe.

We came across this wonderful app Save Your Wardrobe (SYW) while researching Fashion for Good’s 4th accelerator programme.

Save Your Wardrobe  has made it into Fashion for Good’s 4th accelerator programme and we sought to find out more about it.

So with a mission to help customers make the most of their wardrobes, Hasna Kourda and her co-founder Mehdi Doghri who acts as the company’s CTO came up with the concept of Save Your Wardrobe, an app that is centered on wardrobe management with features such as outfit recommendations, dry cleaning, alteration, selling and donating in a unique digital platform.

The app builds a digital wardrobe by instantly uploading a customer’s clothes from their online receipts found in their emails and online retailers’ accounts. They also provide an innovative and effortless solution to capture a new item using computer vision through their mobile app

“It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning thinking about your outfit when you have already a stressful day ahead. We waste nearly one year of our lives trying to answer the question: What should I wear today? The reason for that is we get bored, we lack inspiration, it doesn’t fit anymore, it’s damaged or we think it’s too old and not trendy,” says Kourda co-founder of Save Your Wardrobe.

With a background in economics with a focus on how to optimize finite resources when creating wealth, Kourda always had a strong interest in fashion, both the design and the business aspects.

She volunteered at the Ethical Fashion Forum and worked in retail for a luxury brand where she found out that most of her clients didn’t know or forgot what they had in their wardrobe, or didn’t know how to style a particular item so they stop wearing it.

Kourda grew up with the entrepreneurial mindset and learnt as much as she could when she used to spend summers working in the family business. With this mindset, she was able to quickly spot an opportunity of the above challenge to find a more efficient way to make the most of one’s wardrobe and enlisted the help of her co-founder Doghri to bring the idea into a reality.

When they researched the market they were plenty of competitors, but what the two noticed was that what they all offered was a DIY app where you have to manually input the elements of your wardrobe, which is time consuming.

So she and Doghri devised a technology to make the experience more effortless and seamless. Through the idea of scanning emails and online retailers’ accounts they were able to build instantly a first version of their users’ wardrobe. They believe their technology is game-changing and combined with their vision they believe that they are able to disrupt fashion consumption.

“We are already seeing two big tech trends getting applied to fashion: Artificial Intelligence / Data and Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality. The usage of data and artificial intelligence models is bringing better products recommendations to customers but also size and shape guidance to reduce returns. Also augmented reality and mixed reality will be changing the way we shop online but also in store.” Kourda says.

As for future plans, Kourda and her co-founder Doghri would like to help people on their daily morning routine and to be part of their key personnel or professional moments by next year. They are also hoping to partner with brands and retailers in the next five years, to provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience both offline and online.

She advises those thinking of starting a business to fall in love with the problem and not with the solution. “It is very important to know by heart which pain point you are trying to solve. Conduct market survey, customer interviews and find out if there is a right market fit for your product or service. Don’t rely on your hypothesis, make sure you test and validate them. The more you know about the industry you are working on, the more value you will be able to create.”

According to her, resilience is also a key asset to face the ups-and-downs of running a startup as a founder.” It is a very hard and emotional journey. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will find the resources to carry on.”

And lastly, don’t forget to network and surrounding yourself with the right people that would help you open opportunities.

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