Infograph: How to Make The Best of Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to grow your business, the good ole email could be your best friend. Of course, I am not talking about sending random email messages to unknown recipients but about crafting a good email marketing strategy based on good research and powerful email automation tools.

But how to find out what the best strategy is for your business?

The following suggestions are based on statistics from real businesses and highlight what works and what doesn’t.

Subject Line

The subject line is the very first thing recipients notice. If the subject line does not have message that recipients are not attracted to, the email will most likely end up in the bin folder or worse, marked as spam. What works well is to keep the subject short and sweet. Usually, three to four words are enough to create desires to open the email, to learn a little more. If you can make the subject line more personal, then that will also pave way for the recipient to want to open the message.

Some businesses have used catchy song titles or movie phrases, or even an emoji. Be careful though. Make sure your subject line information is accurate and not aimed at baiting recipients with inaccurate information or false promises.

Preheader Text

After creating a good subject line, focus on crafting a detailed, yet not overly verbose preheader. When the recipient hovers his or her mouse over your message, the preheader text will reveal more about the email and, hopefully, will elicit the desired click.

Preheaders are good for introducing yourself and stating the intent behind the email.

Sender Name

Statistics show 68% of Americans open emails because of what they see in the “From” field. 42% of people worldwide decide whether or not to open the email after checking the name of the sender.

If you use a reply-to email address in your email signature, it is much better to use the same email address that your recipient sees in the “From” field. Using the “no reply” address will most likely see a decrease in your recipients opening the email.

To find out more about working email tips and tricks, check the infograph below courtesy of 99firms.

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