6 Startups set to pitch at the Good Food Festival on September 6th
With a focus on accelerating the commercialization of plant-based and clean meat, the inaugural Good Food Conference is set to take place on 6th and 7th September this year.
The conference  will bringing together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and companies working in plant-based meat, clean meat, and supporting technologies.
Six startups at the forefront of the plant-based and clean meat movement will also get a chance to pitch in front of leading venture capital firms, food industry titans, and global media.
The six are:
The Abbot’s Butcher offers a versatile line of plant-based meats including everything from turkey burgers to Spanish chorizo. Recently graduated from Food-X, The Abbot’s Butcher focuses on abundance—enabling consumers to swap in plant-based proteins while still indulging in their favorite meals.
The Better Meat Co. takes a pragmatic B2B approach to reducing meat-consumption without even asking consumers to change their habits. Taking the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project to the next level, The Better Meat Co. will work with food service providers and meat companies to incorporate plant proteins into ground and processed meats of all kinds.
Biocellion SPC is transforming laboratory experiments into virtual “multiscale living system models” in order to maximize R&D efficiency and minimize environmental and animal impact.
Clean meat company Higher Steaks is working towards technology for “juicy, tender and delicious meat” sans the negative impact on human health, the earth, and animals. CEOs & Co-founders Benjamina Bollag and Stephanie Wallis have backgrounds in chemical engineering and pluripotent stem cell research, respectively. They’re taking an interdisciplinary approach to tackling the tech and design challenges of clean meat technology.
New Age Meats is currently marinating at IndieBio, where they are developing clean meat technology. Co-founders Andra Necula and Brian Spears have complementary backgrounds in science and engineering and are leveraging automation and data science for rapid R&D.
Something Better Foods’ decadent line of plant-based meats is the culinary oeuvre of founder Chef Chew. His Oakland restaurant, The Veg Hub, doubles as a test kitchen and focus group, providing him with continuous consumer feedback.
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