63 startups launch at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator showed off a wide array of early-stage startups fresh from its YC Summer 2018 batch. A total of 63 companies took to the stage in front of a full audience at the Computer History Museum today in Mountain View to pitch on-off switches for organisms, laundry detergent subscription services, gymless gyms, lab-grown palm oil and sugary sugar substitutes.

this YC batch saw startups clustered around B2B software and services (30% of companies), healthcare (28%), consumer goods and services (9%) and consumer media (7%). (Yes, blockchain companies were right behind, comprising 5% of companies).

15% of the startups were female-led, down one percent from last round’s 16%.  11% of this cohort’s founders were black or latin, up from 9% in the previous group. A total of 19 countries were represented across the 132 companies pitching over two days, and 28% of companies were based outside the US.

Here’s a list of the 63 startups:-

  • #ME is an avatar-based social network where users can make friends and influence virtual people through real time games and experiences.
  • Aalo lets individuals design their own furniture with a by-the-inch customization system for do-it-yourself designs with a Lego-like furniture system composed of customizable, hackable and reusable parts,
  • Allotrope Medical has developed an electrical stimulation technology for smooth muscles that allows surgeons to identify critical tissue structures and distinguish functional from dysfunctional urologic and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Alpha Vantage has an API toolkit to give investors seeking a new way to create alpha from financial market dataa leg up. Using these low-cost APIs, developers can create digital assets like iOS/Android apps and trading monitoring, management and suggestion toolkits
  • AnnieCannons is a San Francisco-based non-profit coding bootcamp aimed at transforming survivors of human trafficking into software developers or professionals in the technology industry.
  • AskMyClass allows teachers use speakers handle a range of daily tasks, from vocabulary reviews to refocusing exercises — the software can even take notes and make lists for teachers on the go.
  • Augmented Radar Imaging wants to address the kind of issues that have caused high-profile driverless vehicle accidents by solving two problems for current radar technologies: recognizing stationary objects and triggering false alarms.
  • BHRD allows companies to focus on targeting and engaging the investors who are aligned with their long term vision, freeing big business to focus on their business, rather than managing shareholder expectations.
  • BlueCargo is optimizing container management for ports, kind of like Jenga for shipping containers.
  • BrainHi is an automated answering service that handles phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages with an automated bot that can schedule doctors visits and answer non-medical questions.
  • Buttermilk offers a variety of Indian dishes at a low price that can be cooked up by simply adding hot water
  • BuyCoins llows Nigerians to buy and sell cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum, to Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, directly with their local bank account or debit card.
  • C16 Biosciences is aiming to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the globe with their lab-grown palm oil, an alternative to a product that is found in massive amounts of goods.
  • Cambridge Glycoscience expects to produce its sugar substitutes at a cost that can make low- and no-sugar foods even more accessible for mainstream consumers.
  • Camelot is a mobile app for esports betting that gives fans access to live updates and stats and an interface to bet against friends.
  • Canary Technologies is working to tackle some of the dated hotel industry software piece-by-piece starting with their far less dated programs used to handle offline booking processes.
  • Cloud Workout wants to take Twitch’s model and build a fitness empire in its image, bringing fitness instructors to their site who can become fitness personalities and build audiences.
  • Cytera CellWorks uses robotic automation to configure cell cultures used in things like growing turkey meat from a petri dish or testing stem cells.
  • Data Driven Biosciences s pitching a test that connects with the company’s cloud-based machine-learning software and a database of over 10,000 tumors to diagnose cancers within 24 hours.
  • Demonpore is developing a universal biomolecular sensor that can measure “virtually any type” of molecule with relevance to human health.
  • Enveritas is helping companies secure themselves against reputational risk and increase efficiency in their operations.
  • Fintual offers wealth management services through low-fee mutual funds intelligently managed by the same sort of toolkit that used to be available to big banks and the quant programmers that work for them.
  • Four Growers  seeks to sell its robots to farms already squeezed by a labor shortage by providing consistent quality of picked grape or cherry tomatoes and a “workforce” that’s dependable and efficient
  • FREY is pitching dudes a new kind of detergent for the new way they live their lives (read on a monthly subscription basis) by incorporating natural ingredients, heady fragrances and plant-derived surfactants, enzymes, and oils for stain fighting.
  • Goodly wants to make  student loan repayment easy and accessible for employers.
  • Grabb-It turns a car’s side rear window into a full-color display, playing location-aware ads to anyone who might be standing curbside.
  • Hepatx is creating therapies for severely damaged livers by developing a regenerative solution enabling hepatocyte production for therapeutic purposes.
  • Higia hopes it can offer women a better, non-invasive method to detect breast cancer by monitoring thermal patterns inside a breast
  • HoneyLove aims to disrupt the traditional shapewear market by making an affordable, high-quality product that actually works.
  • InkHunter is an augmented reality tattoo try-on app that lets you see how a tattoo might like on your skin before you actually make a booking with the tattoo artist.
  • Inokyo have created a cashierless autonomous retail store. Cameras track what you grab from shelves, and with a single QR scan of the app on your way in and out of the store, you’re charged for what you’ve picked up.
  • Inscribe is pitching a service to identify digital forgeries in documents.
  • JetLenses is taking on the major contact lens e-commerce sites and other online ordering system by seeking  to bring down the cost of prescription products by automating the overhead associated with these businesses, then pass those savings on to consumers.
  • JITX‘s machine learning software, circuit boards can be created automatically, which can save both time and money for hardware companies.
  • Kobo360 is a Nigerian startup that acts as an on-demand trucking solution linking shippers with excess trucking capacity and also  a crowdfunding platform called Kobo Wealth Investment Network, or KoboWIN to enable Kobo drivers to finance new trucks through citizen investors and pay them back directly (with interest) over a 60 month period.
  • Mac’d is a build-your-own mac and cheese restaurant that lets customers choose their own adventure from the beginning.
  • Momentus’ propulsion technology for space flight is a new system that uses water as a propellant instead of chemicals.
  • Mylk Guys is the online vegan grocery store aiming to make shopping “simple af”
  • Names & Faces aims to offer any growing company a simple, fast directory of employees built specifically for that purpose alone.
  • Numericcal aims to Simplify machine learning on edge devices by moving the processing down to the edge — something that can take two to six months for programmers.
  • Optic gives developers a way to grab very common coding use cases that they can drop right into their code.
  • Oxygen provides working capital loans to freelancers who can go months without getting a paycheck.
  • Penta Medical has developed a wearable cold laser therapy system that purports to relieve muscle and joint pain, increase circulation and relieve muscle spasms all with a tap of a button on the smartphone.
  • Phiar is building an augmented reality navigation app for driving that shows a driver exactly where to go without taking their eyes off the wheel
  • Plexus is looking to create a low-cost, flexible glove for controlling augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.
  • Public Recreation  offers a modular system of benches, bars and smart lockers that can be installed anywhere and for a subscription price of $50/month customers get access to classes ranging from yoga to strength training and conditioning.
  • Prodigal Technologies wants to improve the ways that lenders collect money from borrowers by enable lenders to find borrowers where they are in case of missed payment installments.
  • Qurasense has developed a “diagnostic menstrual pad” called the Q Pad that includes an embedded collection strip that passively collects blood samples on a test strip that can be mailed for diagnostic testing which is then turned into data.
  • Rain Neuromorphics touts its Memristive Nanowire Neural Network chip architecture as being able to train larger, more powerful neural networks than any commercial chip that’s currently on the market. capable of both online training and low-power inference, to enable complex machine learning applications both in the cloud and directly on a device.
  • RealtyBits is hoping to increase liquidity for investors and property owners by letting real estate funds take cryptocurrency investments from verified financiers globally while reducing transaction costs.
  • Regology has developed an automated software system to ease the burden for financial services regulatory compliance
  • Savvy is looking to provide to users by bringing together all of a company’s cloud applications into a single view.
  • Seattle Food Tech looks to create what effectively looks and feels like a chicken nugget out of plant-based food
  • Send Reality is looking to offer full 3D-modeling for virtual walk-throughs of real estate listings.
  • Skydrop is focused on estimating drop-off times, buying and printing shipping labels and handling returns for its customers.
  • Spate is pitching a predictive engine that can let companies know what types of latte people will be drinking, the skin care products they’ll be using and the food that their dogs will be eating in the next year.
  • Spero Foods substitutes animal proteins with plant-based dietbased on data analytics.
  • Sterblue is a French drone software startup aiming to get off-the-shelf drones inspecting large outdoor structures up close with automated insights that identify anomalies that need a second look.
  • Synvivia is developing what amount to the kill switch for synthetic biology outside of a lab.
  • Tenderd is an on demand marketplace for heavy equipment like bulldozers and cranes.
  • The Computer Science Proficiency Assessment standardized exams that are held in classrooms on or near college campuses and test both practical knowledge and theoretical principles for software engineers.
  • Togg is a home sensing and automation product able to capture changes in residents’ health including sleep, breathing, bathroom visits and movement speed more accurately
  • Viopt, a software company aims to fill the underutilized capacity in the trucking industry by giving small retailers the same logistics opportunities that were only available to the largest retailers, shippers, and logistics companies
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