Information security startup Hyas raises $6.2 million in series A from Microsoft, others.

Hyas, an information security startup that identifies and helps take down cybercriminals has raised $6.2 million in a series A round of funding.

The funding round was led by  Microsoft through its  venture capital arm, M12. Other participants include Startup Capital Ventures, 205 Capital, Wesley Clover, and cybersecurity veterans Tim Eades, cofounder of network security firm vArmour, and Tom Noonan, cofounder of Endgame.

Hyas was founded out of Canada in 2015, and its flagship product, Comox, meshes billions of data points to create a cybersecurity research and attribution platform.

Chris Davis, Hyas’s CEO and cofounder, describes his company’s mission as providing “to-the-doorstep attribution,” meaning that it pinpoints attackers’s whereabouts and helps law enforcement apprehend them.

Davis says he plans to put the new round of funding toward beefing up and launching new products, especially ones that will broaden the Hyas’s offerings to a wider set of cybersecurity practitioners, not just the “top 25%,” Davis says.

Hyas is working on two additional products. The first, called Salt Spring (named after an island in British Columbia), will be designed to provide insight into global computer network compromises, and the second, Saturna (named for another neighboring island), is slated to operate as a kind of “DNS firewall,” a sort of shield for corporate IT systems, in the same vein as products from Cisco’s OpenDNS and Infoblox.

Hyas first raised $1.5 million in “seed” funding in 2016.

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