How to promote your website and mobile application development business using digital marketing

As the Internet users are growing each day, it has emerged as a lucrative medium for companies to advertise their products or services. These days, it is very common to find advertisements on the website, search engine or any social media that you must be using. Even mobile applications have emerged as a means of marketing businesses. All this comes under the purview of digital marketing.


A simple explanation of Digital Marketing

Simply put, digital marketing is promoting your business using any of the online tools such as website, social media, search engine, email and more, as also mobile and video. Other forms of digital marketing also include SMS, MMS, Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM), Podcasts and Digital Billboards.Is digital marketing required for your website/mobile app development business?

The answer to the above question is YES. Digital marketing is really catching on these days. Moreover, if you own a website development business or a mobile application development business, you, like any other business, need to keep increasing your customer base and digital marketing lets you do just that.Here are some other reasons why you need digital marketing: –

Ease of reaching customers– You can easily reach your target customers using online methods. These methods are less expensive than traditional marketing methods like newspaper and magazines. Also, for a business-like website or mobile application development using the internet is the obvious way to market.

Furthermore, most people are constantly browsing the internet using their smartphones which makes it an important medium to reach the customers. Customers also want to know about any service as fast as possible and digital marketing provides you just that.

Helps you build your brand– Digital marketing can help you build your brand by various marketing tactics. To succeed you need a brand which is popular among people and digital marketing is the solution.

Brings your services to public notice– You can use digital marketing to make the customers aware of and educate them about the technologies you use. You can let them know the benefits of each technology. This will be a great help to your customers in making the right choice. In addition, impressive calls to action can encourage more conversion. Also, testimonials from your existing customers can help you enhance your business.

Buyers’ market– The market these days is not a sellers’ market. You need to properly understand your customers’ needs. Digital marketing provides you a medium to know your customers and their likes and dislikes based on their response to your online marketing campaign. This helps you in satisfying and retaining your customers.

Deal with competitors– You can see how your competitors are performing on search engine results. If they are ranking higher then you can examine their website and find the reason for this.

Take advantage of Analytics– Google Analytics is a great tool to understand your customers and go about your business accordingly. It lets you track your business’s performance in a short time duration which is not possible with traditional marketing.

Helps improve User Experience– You are aware how important is User Experience for any mobile application. Various mobile analytics tools are available which can be used to analyze user experience. This will help in refining the mobile application further.

Find perfect keywords– You can search for different keywords that are trending on the internet and are apt for your website. This way you can make more and more people aware of your services.

Economical– Digital marketing strategies can be implemented well within your budget. There are some services which are free like having a Facebook page for your organization while others like running a paid ad campaign let you set your budget.

Beneficial for small and medium businesses– Digital marketing lets you market your ideas in a very innovative way which is helpful in attracting more people to avail your services. Also, it is a great marketing medium for small and medium businesses as it lets you reach a wider audience. You can measure the success of your campaigns from the number of leads and sales generated. So, digital marketing will in the long run help to boost your revenues.

The success of mobile application can be measured by the number of downloads while that of a website from the number of hits. You can use digital marketing tools to make your mobile application or website successful.


Major digital marketing tactics for your website and mobile application development business

The scope of digital marketing is very vast. As a website and mobile application development organization you too need to market your services to grow. It is very important to use the right tools to your advantage.

Let’s now have a look at how to go about digital marketing.

Search engine optimization –You must have often used search engines like Google or Bing to search online for the information that you require. Google gives you a list of sites which most closely match your query. This is known as free, organic or natural traffic. You often visit the sites that are listed at the top ignoring the lower ranked or the ones present on other pages. So, it is but obvious that any organization would want its website to be listed in the higher ranks in the search engine to attract more and more visitors to its website.

SEO does just that. It provides you with ways to rank your site higher in the organic search. SEO is basically of two types – Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

On-site SEO– Onsite SEO is all about including some keywords which are highly searched on search engines on your website. This is generally done by including them in the title tag and meta tag of your page

Off-site SEO – This is often called link building. It involves having links to your website from another site. This will help you get search engine ranking for the keywords that have been linked.

Search Engine Marketing– Search engine marketing is basically a paid form of advertising. Today there are millions of businesses competing in the online space, so it is important to get noticed. Search engine marketing lets the businesses display their advertisements on search engine result pages.

This service functions by advertisers bidding for keywords which are generally entered by the users. The advertisers who win the bid, have their advertisements displayed along with the organic results.

These advertisements are known as Pay-per-click advertisements. They may be displayed either as text advertisements or as product listing advertisements which may contain illustration, price and product descriptions.

Google AdWords is a service provided by Google to design advertisements, bid on keywords and display paid advertisements. Similar services are also provided by Bing and Yahoo.


Social Media Marketing

You are aware of the number of users all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. have. So, they are a very important tool to market your services.

These platforms can be used either free of cost like a Facebook page which costs nothing or in the paid form where you may run paid advertising campaigns.

For both the forms of advertising, you must create effective content including text, images, videos etc. to market on these platforms. The motive of this advertising is let people like and share the content as much as possible.

Paid form of advertising lets you advertise in third party feeds and pages. It is very important to know who your target audience is to make your paid marketing successful. You must be aware of your customer demographics. Paid social media marketing helps increasing conversions and brand awareness. You can also get customer feedbacks and conduct surveys. It helps you increase your ROI by driving customers to your website with appropriate calls to action.

You should also be aware of your competitors’ strategies to design a forceful social marketing strategy. It is also important to measure your reach, clicks, customer engagement and hashtag performance.


Affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing is also a popular means of digital marketing. In this technique, a website refers a service/product available online to the users visiting the website. If the user purchases the online product, the website owner displaying the product information receives a commission.

The company which advertises its product gives the displaying site a unique URL known as the Tracking URL which can be used to detect the traffic it is receiving from the site which is displaying the product information.

Email Marketing– Email marketing is a form of digital marketing wherein emails are used as the medium to promote products and services. Prospects and existing customers are sent mail giving information about products and best deals. Email marketing can be used to send personalized messages. It is also a means of building brand awareness and developing customer relationships.


Digital marketing is here to stay. It is one of the most popular means of advertising today. The website and mobile development business is an IT business, so it necessitates the use of internet in promoting it. It should also be kept in mind that all the marketing techniques you adopt be mobile friendly as m-commerce is really catching on. A clear majority of users are increasingly using their mobile phones to access and shop from websites. Digital marketing is really the sine qua non for IT service companies.


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