Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 accepted into YC

Kobo360, a Nigerian-based logistics startup that helps both individuals and SMEs deliver goods to both local and international locations, has been accepted into YC’s Summer ’18 batch —and is scheduled to present at an August Demo Day in front of YC Investors

In addition, the startup has Received $120K for 7 percent equity.

Kobo360 was founded by former Director of Operations for Uber in Nigeria Obi Ozor and his friend Ife Oyedele. Obi handles operations while Ife handles all tech matters.

Kobo360’s app currently coordinates 5000 trips a month, according to Ozor. He thinks the startup’s asset free, digital platform and business model can outpace traditional long-haul 3PL providers in Nigeria by handling more volume at cheaper prices.

“Owning trucks is just too difficult to manage. The best scalable model is to aggregate trucks,” he said. “We now have more trucks than providers like TSL and they’ve been here….years. By the end of this year we plan to have 20,000 trucks on our app—probably more than anyone on this continent.”

Kobo360 is seeking to expand in Togo, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and Senegal. “We’ll be in Ghana this year and next year the other countries,” said Ozor.

In addition to KoboWIN, it will also add more driver training and safety programs.

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