Egyptian e-health startup ElBalto launches mobile platform

ElBalto, a mobile-based platform whose aim is to transform healthcare through connecting patients, doctors, and caregivers, has launched a mobile application that provides users with easy, reliable, timely and affordable online video consultations via a network of customer-rated and licensed doctors.

Video consultations offered on ElBalto will initially be available in the specialisations of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Nutrition and Gynecology, while the startup will also offer home visits in areas like Orthopedics and Cardiology.

Co-founder and CEO Mahmoud Abdalla, explained that receiving medical assistance in non-emergency cases often meets unneeded hassles and obstacles, such as traffic jams, doctor cancellations, or no-shows.

ElBalto will allow the more than 98.87m mobile subscribers to consult an accredited doctor online using a mobile application and communicate either via voice or video call.

“Currently, Egypt is suffering from a significant imbalance in the health workforce distribution, with doctors concentrated in the big cities and urban settings,” said co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Mahmoud Abdalla.

“I was personally inspired when I became a father and had to go with my wife and newborn every other week for a doctor’s appointment to get answers to very basic questions, or to follow up on treatment. We were both struggling with time, effort, cost and logistics, let alone the inconvenience if we work at the time or if the doctor cancels the appointment, which is sadly common.”

Abdalla’s solutions is the self-funded ElBalto, which will take a percentage on the fee of each consultation conducted through its platform. He said the startup does have expansion plans.

“For the online video consultations, we are starting with Egypt in general. As for the home visits, a service that will follow the launch, we will start with selected areas, including New Cairo, Zayed City, and October City, based on market research,” he said.

“We are also planning to expand the business to cover more specializations and more geographic areas inside and outside the country.”

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