Meet Celo the Snapchat for hospital

There’s a new kid on the block that promises to take the medical world by surprise.

A little bit like Snapchat and a little bit like mobile banking – doctors have a new way to communicate.

It’s called Celo, a safe-snapping app that allows medical staff to confer or safely share photos so that they can obtain a second opinion when they are in a hurry.

A Canterbury District Health Board report said: “Celo behaves more like a mobile banking app, where nothing is stored on the device and nobody can access information without the user’s unique PIN code.”

Each user is verified so it is not possible for photos to get to someone who does not work in healthcare.

Christchurch Hospital Pediatrician John Garrett said the app is invaluable for his work

“I go to the Chatham Islands twice a year to see pediatric patients over there. One of my patients was also a patient in the plastic surgery service here.”

The patient’s mother mentioned they were planning a trip to Christchurch, but instead Dr Garrett was able to take a picture of the scar, send it straight to the plastic surgeon.

The surgeon was able to communicate back that the scar looked fine and a trip was not necessary.

Plans are being developed to extend Celo’s use to primary care and become a part of the patient’s clinical record.

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