Infograph: How to transform regular images into clickable social cards

Telling your company’s story via social media has never been easier with the broad range of resources, multimedia options, and tools for content creation.

One of the most exciting trends in social media is the increasing emphasis on visual content, and, in particular, the use of the social card, which pairs a powerful image with a quick snippet of impactful or intriguing text.

Social Cards, also known as Social Previews, allow you to choose the image, title, and description that will display on social media platforms when you or someone else shares your content.

Studies have shown that visual content is forty times more likely to be shared on social media and content with visuals get nearly twice as many views. Social cards have been shown to increase site traffic by up to 250%.

So how do you get these social cards?

There are various online applications one can use to create a social card. AnyImage is our favorite platform and we have created a brief infograph on how to easily create social cards on AnyImage.


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