Biotech startup Sensome gets in $5.4M in funding

Sensome, a Paris-based company that makes sensors to identify biological tissues, just landed $5.4 million (4.6 euro) in a funding round led by Kurma Partners. The latest funding is expected to help the startup bring its smart stroke guidewire, the Clotild, to market.

“This financing round will enable us to bring Clotild through clinical testing and to the European market, and to explore the next applications of our technology,” Franz Bozsak, CEO and cofounder of Sensome, said in a statement.

Clotild is aimed at treating ischemic strokes, a type of stroke that happens when the arteries leading to a person’s brain get blocked or narrowed. These strokes can be treated in various ways but, the company said, it can be difficult to determine the best treatment without knowing the composition of the clot.

Sensome’s technology works to identify biological tissues by using an impedance-based micro-sensor combined with a machine learning algorithm. The Clotild system will allow the sensors to be mounted on a probe, then inserted into the blood vessel of the stroke patient. The sensors will then be able to characterize the composition of the blood clot in real-time. The idea is to help doctors chose the right tools for emergency interventions.

“Our sensor based and connected medical device provides what doctors need most, information for the treatment of not only strokes, but also heart attacks and to prevent the loss of a limb,” Bozsak, said in an informational video on the webpage. “Our technology will be a great companion tool for the physicians’ decision making process and will significantly reduce mortality and disabilities caused by cardio vascular disease.”

The French company began working on the technology in 2014. This is the startup’s third seed funding round. Prior to this investment the company had a total of $6.7 million (5.7euros) in funding, according to Crunchbase.

“We have been very impressed by Sensome’s progress over the past year,” Philippe Peltier, board director at Sensome representing Kurma Partners, said in a statement. “We share Sensome’s vision of connected medical devices to benefit an extended number of patients and are excited to be part of this upcoming revolution.”

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