Apple Faces Class Action Suit for ‘Defective’ Apple Watch

Apple faces a $5 million class-action lawsuit over the design of the Apple Watch.

In a lawsuit filed this week by Kenneth Sciacca of Colorado on behalf of himself and and others, Sciacca is demanding $5 million as well as a request that Apple acknowledge a fault in the screen design in every Apple Watch it’s ever released.

The lawsuit claims that a flaw in every Apple Watch model through the third generation (Series 0, Series 1, Series , and Series 3) causes their screens to spontaneously break and detach from the bodies. It further alleges that Apple knew the models were defective before it sold them. Consumers, it adds, reported the defects to Apple shortly after each model’s release.

According to the lawsuit, Apple has repeatedly denied these charges, and concealed the flaw.

“Apple knew that purchasers of the Watches would reasonably expect the screens to function in a predictable and expected manner during normal use,” the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, reads.

“Had Plaintiff and other Class members known about the Defect at the time of purchase, they would not have bought the Watches, or would have paid less for them. As a result of the Defect in the Watches and monetary costs associated with repair, replacement, or lost use of the Watches, Plaintiff and Class members have suffered injury in fact, incurred damages, and have otherwise been harmed by Apple’s conduct.”

It’s unclear what might be causing Apple Watch screens to detach, but the incidents could indicate expanding batteries putting pressure on the cases.

Apple Watch owners have long been complaining of swollen batteries. In April, Apple acknowledged the issue for the Apple Watch Series 2 in a support document, and claimed it would fix affected units. Series 0 owners have also reported the problem.

After those incidents, this suit probably won’t help help affected consumers rebuild their trust in the Apple Watch. That said, whether this suit will amount to anything remains unknown.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple has been faced with a number of lawsuits in recent months, most notably in relation to its butterfly keyboard design for the latest-generation of MacBook Pro.

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