Instagram to introduce One Hour Videos

Instagram is seeking to introduce longer vertical videos with a 1-hour clip limit in a move that could threaten dominant Youtube.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram is considering changing its maximum video length from one minute to one hour. Instagram will offer a dedicated space featuring scripted shows, music videos and more in vertically oriented, full-screen, high-def 4K resolution. The update would reportedly serve as an extension of Instagram Stories, where users can currently post 15-second videos that disappear after 24 hours.

The new video feature would be vertically-oriented, and Instagram has reportedly been talking with top publishers and influencers about participating.

Instagram intends to eventually let creators and publishers earn money off the longer videos, though it hasn’t finalized how accompanying ads like pre-rolls and mid-breaks or revenue splits would work. It is not paying creators up-front for shows like Facebook Watch, either. But the videos will each feature a swipe-up option to open a link, which creators can use to drive traffic to their websites, e-commerce stores or event ticketing. Thanks to Instagram’s 800 million-plus users, the video section could be a powerful marketing tool beyond generating cash for creators directly.

The long-form video section will spotlight a collection of popular videos, and provide a “continue watching” option since users might view long clips over the course of several sessions. Users will also see the long-form clips featured on authors’ profiles near the Stories Highlights bubbles. Creators won’t be able to shoot and post long-form videos, as the section will only allow pre-made video uploads.

It’s unclear what the new video feature will be named, or where it will appear.

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