News from WWDC 2018: Apple’s iOS12, what to expect

The dust may be settling on this year’s  Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, but the show is far from over.

The conference continues for the next week, and we can expect to see a lot more of Apple’s latest developments.

Here’s a look at what we know so far when it comes to iOS12:

While iOS 11 set out to provide more customizability and accessibility options — complete with a redesigned Control Center and App Store — Apple is tailoring iOS 12 to hugely revamp performance on all iOS devices, including those from as far back as 2013. Apple has worked particularly hard to make iOS work better under heavy load, to the point where it’s seen apps load many times faster.

There’s also an improved Do Not Disturb mode that aims to limit overexposure to our digital life. The new app Screen Time also aims to help people to use their device even more wisely, with a weekly report on how much time you spend on your iPhone or iPad — including how often you open your device. Users can also limit the time they spend in apps with App Limit.

There are also new security features- the new OS will include extra parental control features, such as the ability to monitor how much time their kids spend on their devices, as well limit that time, or blacklist certain apps at bedtime.

Then there is the increase in Animoji options and the introduction of Memoji. The roster of Animoji characters that first debuted with the iPhone X is expanding again with a ghost, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus rex. And starting with iOS 12, Animoji will be able to detect when you’re sticking out your tongue and mimic that.

Memoji allows users to create their own Animoji faces in their own image – similar to Samsung’s AR Emojis. Users will be able to create characters that have their own appearance, choosing skin color, hairstyle, and outfitting their Memoji with accessories.

On the voice assistant’s front, Siri’s new “Shortcuts” feature will be able to reach into certain apps and perform specific actions or deliver information to the user, straight from Siri. Now, you can program your own Siri commands that work with native Apple apps as well as third party apps. Users will also be able to create some rather complex lists of actions that are activated by a single command.

Messages and FaceTime will get addition of stickers, filters, and Animoji, whether in single shots sent in Messages, or applied while on FaceTime calls. FaceTime is also getting even more new features, with the new ability to chat to large groups of people — as many as 32 participants. Apple has even made it easy to join a FaceTime group call thanks to support for joining a call directly from a group Messages chat.

Other features include a redesigned Stocks app with News integration, a rebuilt Voice Memos app on iPhone and iPad, and more control over notifications directly from the lock screen. There are also features that were originally supposed to be included in iOS 11 but were delayed until iOS 12. This includes an improved Photos app, a revamped News app, and multitasking features — such as tab support for apps on the iPad, split-screen view on the iPhone, and more.

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