Infograph: How to Get the Balance Right in SMS Marketing

The humble text message might seem outdated in this era of WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger, but ask any mobile marketing executive and they will tell you that SMS is still a hugely relevant medium. Business can gain or lose thousands of dollars depending on the execution of an SMS marketing campaign.

Examine any successful SMS campaign and you’re likely to see that customers were messaged consistently but not excessively. A ballpark figure of 4-5 messages per month keeps hold of their attention without bombarding them to the point of nuisance.

It isn’t just frequency that could make or break a campaign, either. Content is key; customers need to feel that they’re getting value from the messages you send. So long as you’re offering them something or giving them a reason to engage, you will retain them. That said, you do not need to devote a huge deal of time to crafting the ‘perfect’ message, as otherwise you risk communicating too infrequently with customers and you risk losing quite a few of them.

This infographic from Neon SMS ( contains some useful advice on how to find the right frequency, tone and content for your SMS marketing messages so that customers will not just be won but also retained.

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