Twitter for Android is getting its own emoji

Twitter’s Android app looks a little different for many today: the platform now uses its own “Twemoji” emoji set rather than system emoji. The update will have the most effect for users on older Android versions, which lack some newer emoji.

This is because users with lder versions of Android see little boxes with an “X” going through them at times when browsing Twitter which typically means someone has placed a character or emoji in a tweet that your device doesn’t recognize.

According to a design lead at Twitter, who confirmed the following stat to Emojipedia, “At least 50% of eligible Twitter users should now see this change, with the feature being enabled for more users over the course of this week.”

That’s a lot of people about to be seeing certain emoji for the first time.

To get an idea of what Twitter’s emoji library looks like, you can view it all here.

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