Ex-JPMorgan Chase Blockchain Duo Unveil New Startup – a Blockchain Dapp Store

A few weeks after leaving their jobs in April, Amber Baldet who most recently served as JPMorgan Chase’s blockchain program lead and former lead developer of Quorum Patrick Mylund Nielsen are ready to reveal their new startup Clovyr.

The mystery startup has been a topic of speculation since Baldet announced her departure from the investment bank last month.

Finally revealed at Consensus 2018 in New York today, Clovyr is a decentralized application store that will host a selection of well-vetted applications alongside some in-house developer tooling designed to simplify application development for enterprises.

Clovyr seeks to provide a new layer of enterprise-driven services between blockchains and user-facing applications.

In a public beta planned to launch later this year, the team intend to provide an initial development framework for enterprises looking to build on the tech, as well as other potential novelties such as tooling for data analysis on private datasets – something that Baldet anticipates will be a popular product.

“Right now there’s no way to keep data private at its point of origin and also enable big data analytics, but there could be,” Nielsen said in a press release.

Going forward, the team plans to launch a full tech stack for privacy-protecting decentralized application design, that would achieve compliance with upcoming data protection law, the GDPR.

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