Bristol startup NetKernel hires Deutsche Bank innovation lead as CEO

NetKernel has hired Charles Radclyffe, former head of technology at Deutsche Bank Labs as its new CEO.

NetKernel’s technology uses an energy-efficient form of ‘dynamic processing’ to optimise code generation for applications at scale.

Radclyffe, who graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in law, is joining the firm as CEO after an 18-month stint working in Deutsche Bank’s innovation lab.

During his time at the giant German bank, Radclyffe was involved in the research and evaluation of emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, automation, and high performance computing, and evaluated over 200 solutions from start-ups to major vendors.

“I met nearly 200 start-ups in the last few years, and while many of them will go on to be great successes – it was the scale of the engineering at NetKernel which attracted me to their product,” he says. “Many in the banking industry have been excited about the power of distributed computing, and this is evidenced in the recent euphoria around blockchain. When I saw that NetKernel could not only deliver distributed computing solutions at enterprise scale, but also had a track record of doing so, I knew I had to join the team.”

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