Payments startup BrilliantPay launches in Kenya

Kenyan startup BrilliantPay has launched its suite of payment APIs and tools for e-commerce companies and any organisation that accepts cashless payments.

The BrilliantPay suite of payment solutions support most payment flows, including one-time payments, disbursements, recurring payments, and payment assurance.

Chief executive officer (CEO) Tonnie Nyabuto told Disrupt Africa the design of the solution began in August 2016 after he faced a major challenge with handling payments for a marketplace platform he had built.

“This problem led me to assemble a team to create an ideal solution for marketplaces, from which we extended functionality to serve all kinds of online commerce, making them highly scalable,” he said.

“People use online platforms to make purchase decisions and compare prices, but don’t actually pay for the items online. This makes it hard for these companies to make money and scale. Businesses need to assure customers of value for money and have plans for when they don’t deliver as promised. That is where we come in.”

BrilliantPay, Nyabuto said, assures customers of value for money, while sellers are assured of receiving payments.

“Uptake has been positive so far and we’re very excited about it. More businesses are requesting our service,” Nyabuto said.

“We have begun operations in Kenya, with most of our current clients based in Nairobi and Mombasa. With the fast rate of client adoption, which is better than we anticipated, we might beat our expansion plan, which is to create digital payment solutions for Africa. We are looking to expand into six other countries in Africa within the next three years and 10 more in the next five years.”

Source: Disrupt Africa

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