ContentSquare Raises $42 Million in Series B Funding

ContentSquare has raised $42 million  in its Series B round.  ContentSquare’s technology helps companies improve their digital transformation efforts by understanding the impact of each user interaction with their website or mobile application. Brands are able to quickly measure the effect of their digital assets and utilize artificial intelligence to prioritize insights and predicted outcomes. This instant access to AI-powered insights allows teams to become more empowered and strengthen growth initiatives.

When asked about his team’s plans to put their Series B funding to work and how this funding impacts their user base, ContentSquare CEO, Jonathan Cherki explained, “Retailers today are facing a serious problem: they are investing a lot in acquisition, but it is not reflected in conversions – particularly on mobile and in international customer journeys. We developed a new software that helps them improve their conversion rate by improving the efficiency of every member of the team and attributing the revenue of each area of the digital platforms.”

With just 30 employees in the U.S., ContentSquare is already working with customers such as Tiffany’s, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, HP, and more, and their goal is to grow here exponentially. 

Cherki does not simply want to provide a tool, but to change how people work. By helping companies improve their people through allowing them to digitally measure the impact of their actions and their contributions to the revenue of their company, ContentSquare believes they can change how companies build and grow. If employees can be digitally empowered to improve their company contributions, it will inevitably lead to stronger, more resilient businesses. 

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