Kenya’s Chandaria Limited to invest in logistics tech startup

Kenya’s Chandaria Limited is set to invest in newly launched Automobile and logistics online platform dubbed Bwala Africa.

The startup links motorists with such providers such as mechanics, spare parts sellers and Insurance companies through a mobile app.

The platform will also allow users to hire cars, trucks and delivery vans and source for repairs from the comfort of their homes and offices.

With a database of pick-ups, minibuses, trucks, tours and delivery vans, Bwala aims to take the pain of fleet management from corporate firms, SMEs and individuals so that they can focus on their core business.

For truck owners, it aims to be the go-to platform for more business, especially on return trips when most of them are empty. The platform also helps mechanics grow their client portfolio.

The platform is also expected to help mechanics grow their client portfolio.

Bwala CEO and Founder Kennedy Nyabwala says they are in talks with Chandaria Limited for a substantive stake in the firm.

“We haven’t sold a stake yet, we are still in talks and hope to close the deal by the end of this week,” he revealed.

The firm has invested Sh80 million in the Kenyan market and eyes entering Rwanda and Uganda in 2019.

“I’m a car enthusiast and at times my family is trying to get a good mechanic but we find them engaged. There are many other good mechanics too but the problem is accessing them. We will list those we vet and let the users rate them,” Nyabwala told Capital FM Business.

Bwala’s key focus areas include vehicle leasing, light and heavy duty cargo haulage, FMCG distribution and fleet management and vehicle repairs and maintenance.

The firm will also deal with insurance covers and claims and also has a segment for genuine auto parts dealers.

Bwala will work with verified garages to provide its users world-class vehicle repairs, service and maintenance.

“We wanted to prove our concept and get customer validation before we go public. Our key focus will be in the African market, though we are also looking at the Asian market starting with India and Philippines because they have a lot of similarities with Africa; such as the growing middle class and the increasing rate of car ownership. These are the markets we want to play in,” he added.

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