San Francisco startup Envoy seeks to take over tedious office tasks

San Francisco startup Envoy wants to modernize the mundane.

Its main product is a digital visitor registration form for office buildings, which replaces paper sign-in books. Its latest project: delivering packages.

Envoy Deliveries, which began this month, streamlines the task of sorting through packages and delivering them to employees. With Envoy, office managers can take a picture of the shipping label through an app, which will then automatically notify employees when they have a package.

Customers for Envoy Deliveries include Bay Area startups Lyft, Box and Slack.

“It’s another mundane task that before was super manual and not a very good experience,” said Jordan Stein, the company’s product marketing coordinator. “And that’s what Envoy does — we try to take these manual tasks and automate them.”

Enovy, founded in 2013, has 50 employees and $16 million in funding. It is not profitable, but CEO Larry Gadea said in an email that “we can be if we wanted to.”

“We have plenty of runway, and we’re aggressively investing in building out our current products, more of them, and unifying everything,” he wrote. “It’ll be really exciting.”

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