Afero launches fast, low-cost IoT hub for the developer community

Whether it’s a smartphone, a PC or even a wearable device, every day more and more devices are being connected to the internet. As such, it has become imperative to come up with secure, scalable and flexible platforms suitable for linking these devices to enable them communicate and work seamlessly

Afero Platform, is one company that seeks to address this issue with its Afero Hub Software which will enable companies to create their own standalone hub using a Raspberry Pi for development and testing.

The platform’s key strengths are its low price and its reliable and secure ecosystem of software, hardware, and cloud services that enables businesses to build better IoT products and applications.

Prior to the introduction of the Afero Developer Hub, connections between IoT devices and cloud were made through the mobile app or the Afero Secure Hub, a standalone wireless gateway with a cellular connection to the internet.

By using the Afero Hub Software and a Raspberry Pi you will be able to create an inexpensive, dedicated hub that will support, for example, constant communication between an ASR-1 at one location and a mobile app roaming remotely as well as seamless roaming between multiple Afero Hubs.

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