Samsung Galaxy note 7: All there is to know


Samsung, the South Korean handset maker, recently launched the seventh iteration of its Flagship handset calls Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. While the wold is still in the awe of its newly launched flagships, the brand has moved on to prepping for the launch of its next big thing called Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While its flagship devices have been pretty impressive, lately it is the Galaxy Note series that has been attracting a lot of attention. Now, the brand has announced that the Galaxy Note 7 will be announced soon and the Android world is in a frenzy. Here is all that is known about the upcoming Galaxy Note so far.

Why Galaxy Note 7, where did Note 6 go?

One of the first thing that strikes everyone about the Galaxy Note 7 is the name of the device since there has been no Galaxy Note 6. While everyone has been speculating that the Samsung has lost count, it seems that there actually is a strategic reason behind the nomenclature of the phablet. Samsung came out with the fist ever Galaxy Note alongside Galaxy S2, which is a reason why Galaxy Note series is a number behind the original flagship handset. While it makes sense according to the launch sequence, Samsung feels that this insinuates that Galaxy Note handsets are inferior to Galaxy S series. Since this is not the case, Samsung decided to skip a number this year and launch Galaxy Note 7 instead to bring them on a same level.

Galaxy Note 7 cashes on the improved design of Galaxy S7 Edge

 Samsung made the world take notice when it came out with the Galaxy S6 and the new metal/glass design. From what little that has been leaked on the Internet, it is evident that the Galaxy Note 7 is slightly enlarged version of the Galaxy S7 Edge with same metal and glass body with dual-curved edges. It is expected that the brand might have corrected the reverse insertion issue that plagued Galaxy Note 5 Stylus. Also, several leaks have confirmed that Galaxy Note 7 will be dust and water resistant up to 5ft for over 30 minutes. This again confirms the fact that Samsung is striving to bring Galaxy Note series at par with the flagship lineup.

 Eye Scanner makes an appearance on the Galaxy Note 7

 It seems that the Samsung’s aim is to outrun Google every time it comes up with a feature. Samsung launched Galaxy S5 with fingerprint scanner, when no one would have thought of it and it surprised everyone. A year or two down the line, Google hardwired support for a fingerprint scanner in Android and Samsung had to come up with a cutting edge technology. It has been confirmed now that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 would feature a fingerprint as well as Iris scanner, which scans the eye of user to unlock the device. This technology is unheard of as of now and is expected to make Galaxy Note 7 stand out from the crowd.

 Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 to power the Galaxy Note 7

 Samsung Mobiles have always been on the helm of the technology when it comes to the specification and this time is no different. It is to be expected that the newest Galaxy Note would feature the latest Snapdragon 820 processor, which is a Quad-core unit but performs the best without draining much of the battery . However, India and other Asian countries will be receiving the Exynos variant with Exynos 8890 inside the hood. While the Exynos chipset is not at par with Snapdragon, it performs more or less the same. Moreover, it is rumoured that the smartphone would feature massive 6 GB of RAM.

This are all confirmed specifications of the handset, which are sure to appear on the upcoming phablet. However, we can expect it to come with the 12 Megapixels dual-pixel snapper and expandable storage as well.

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