Wildbeat – World’s first moving earphones


Wild Beat is disrupting the Headphone Industry by its bold robotic design as well as Fab & Fun factor!

Tired of ordinary-stationary headphones? Ordinary headphones just sit on your head and do nothing. While Wild Beat turns heads, creates smiles, and starts a conversation. It makes a Fashion Statement by setting its’ owner apart. Its’ unique design makes them Coolest Headphones on the Market for Today’s Young and Vibrant crowd.

Fashionistas are going to love these headphones for their stylish appearance, funky features which let them be the Highlight of any party. Music Festival Fans will appreciate the glowing features of Wild Beat to make their Concert Experience even More Enjoyable. These headphones are all about having a good time and being a happier version of oneself.

Wild Beat has announced preparation for their JUNE 1st launch on Kickstarter regarding their innovative headphones. Custom LED lights tailored to customer preference and a miniature micro-controller to control the movement of the headphone ears, Wild Beat is presenting features that are unseen on the market today.

The Wild Beat headphones also offer comfortable cushion with sound-cancelling technology and a light show where the cord color pulses to the beat of the music. Created by inventor, Elya Om, the Wild Beat headphones were developed with the idea of creating something beyond just another audio device.

The Wild Beat headphones create a spectacle with each song that is played.

Wild Beat punches up personality! To see what all the fuss is about, here are the other Features of these Fashion-Forward Gadget:

  • Micro-controller to control server Movement and LED Lights
  • Micro USB charging port placed internally behind speaker; Sound-Cancelling Technology;
  • Lithium ion polymer battery;
  • Bluetooth low energy – for wireless communication with your phone or music device;
  • 3.5mm input for customized electroluminescent cable with controll buttons, USB charging port and microphone.
  • Ears’ LED Lights customized to user’s preference
  • Detachable glowing cord that beats to the tune of the music

The Wild Beat will be available for purchase starting @9AM on June 1st, 2016 on Kickstarter.

Elya Om’s goal is to create a product that can make listening fun again and bring people closer together.

You can visit their website for more information: www.getwildbeats.com

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