Why Public Sector Organizations should adopt a Mobile Strategy?


No one is unbeknownst to the fact that the public sector has always been later adopters of technology and same holds true as it comes to its adoption of mobile technology. However going by the various benefits offered by this technology it’s for all the good reasons that non-profits and the public sector organizations must adopt a mobile strategy.  Well, if you go on to find there are countless reasons to give a go to this technology. The few are mentioned here:

  1. The technology is accepted everywhere: This is the most significant reason that mobile strategy must be adopted as the population is already enjoying its advantages. Ever since iPhone’s debut, the smartphone had unprecedented adoption with various studies and statistics proving the point. For instance, there are more mobile devices as compared to the people in the world.
  1. Mobile searches exceed desktop searches: Lately a report from Google said more number of searches take place on a mobile device as compared to a desktop computer.
  2. Google altered their algorithm: Yes, it was in 2015 that Google changed their algorithm so this way a search done on a mobile device is going to favor mobile friendly device. This way when we consider points 2 and 3, organizations having a mobile friendly web site are going to have an advantage as compared to the ones that don’t.
  3. You can access Internet through Mobile: A study shows that Mobile is the sole means to access Internet for around 23% of families that are below the poverty line. As of now organizations that are dealing with the offering of social services, a major part of the population they are serving is able to access the Internet through a mobile device.
  4. Web sites designed for desktops are not easily navigated from a smart phone: For instance there is the California WIC web site. This web site is not easily navigated on a desktop computer, whereas, when you’re in the WIC program, you actually lie below the poverty line. This way the only connection to Internet is via a mobile device. Here you can try to navigate WIC web site via your smartphone and see that often it comes around as the only option.

As it comes to the development of a mobile strategy, consider these 3 elements:

  • Develop a mobile friendly website. Here the points 2 and 3 mentioned above wil be addresses.
  • Communicate via SMS. In case of the Public Sector, the communication is tremendous. However, an open rate of 22% signifies that it’s just futile way for communication. Meanwhile, with SMS it has a read rate of 98%. The good thing is that it offered various SMS marketing tools that may seen to be quite expensive. Like, there have been various organizations that finds SMS is a better way for communication and the employees often end up using their personal cell phones in order to send text messages.
  • Develop a native app. An app works tremendously well for the population served by a public sector organization. There are various reasons that an organization must have a native app.

Well, we hope these reasons will help you in realizing why a mobile strategy is necessary to be adopted.


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Written by Sumit Garg

Sumit Garg is project manager at Octal Info Solution Limited offering mobile app solution and web development solution at best price. You can find him on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

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