#MCW16:Nokia outlines plans for 5G, IoT


During this year’s MWC, tech big wigs Hans Vestberg CEO Ericsson and Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook have slated 5G, IoT, Cloud and VR to be the next big things in technology with already scrambling to get a a piece of the pie in these four areas.

One such company that has come up strongly with plans to dominate at least two of the four fields is Nokia.

The company has outlined its approach as a renewed company for leading the development of next-generation 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), targeting an addressable market opportunity that has nearly doubled in size following the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.

“We are planning to dramatically increase our investment in 5G this year and unleash the power of our massive innovation engine,” Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri told a media and analyst briefing.

Nokia is showcasing how its commercially available AirScale radio access can support 5G technologies to give operators the confidence that their hardware investments today will meet future demands. This is the first time 5G radio access is being demonstrated on commercial hardware. Operators will be able to launch 5G earlier and at lower cost, and migrate their existing LTE infrastructure to early 5G services in 2017, with full 5G commercial services expected in 2020.

Such early testing ahead of full 5G standards, currently being devised by various standards bodies with the aim of having them in place by 2020, will help ensure that subscribers get  superior and consistent performance of 5G from day one.

“5G must happen fast because important IoT use cases demand it. If we know that 5G can help save lives, improve our environment, and make our lives better, we need to move faster, not slower, Suri said.

With Nokia’s announcements today, Nokia is taking concrete steps to solidify its 5G leadership and demonstrate how it will drive the business forward, he added.

Nokia’s acquisition of Nakina, a Canadian software company that specializes in preventing, identifying and eliminating security threats; and the company’s launch of a USD350 million IoT investment fund through Nokia’s private venture firm, Nokia Growth Partners shows just how badly the company wants to emerge as a force to reckon with in the Iot department.

The Nakina acquisition, expected to close in the first quarter 2016, is part of a Nokia priority to have the best network security in place to enable 5G and IoT. The acquisition is consistent with Nokia’s long-stated view to do small, ‘bolt on’ deals that give Nokia new technology and unique capabilities.

The new IoT fund will invest in promising companies primarily around the Connected Enterprise, Consumer IoT, Connected Car, Digital Health as well as technologies with a focus on capabilities in big data and analytics. The fund will support Nokia in defining future business opportunities and the technical underpinnings for the rapidly growing IoT market.


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