Pundits.io to Help Startups Get Quotable Expert Reviews

Pundits.io, the new platform in the market will help companies to convert their visitors to users by having their products reviewed by relevant independent experts.

Positive reviews can be quoted and used as testimonials on the product’s landing pages; critical feedback can be used to improve the product.

With so many websites and apps, people need a quick way to separate the good stuff from the junk. Studies show that a positive quote from a recognized authority significantly increases the chances of converting a visitor to a user. High-quality testimonials are easy to get for established companies, but they represent a chicken-and-egg problem for newer companies and products.

Pundits.io doesn’t guarantee the positive tone of reviews, and reviewers’ compensation doesn’t depend on their expressed views. To maximize the chances of getting positive reviews that can be used as testimonials, more than one expert reviews each product.

The entire process takes less than ten minutes of the applicant’s time. After the basic product information is submitted, experts will be assigned to the project based on their areas of expertise. For positive reviews, the product company gets a complete kit for using a review as a testimonial. This kit includes the reviewer’s permission to quote their review publicly, as well as the reviewer’s picture, name, title and other information that shows why a reviewer is a relevant expert for the product.

The pricing is flexible, and a product company can choose the number of reviewers and their bid for each reviewer. A higher number of requested reviewers gives the company better chances of getting at least one positive quotable review. Higher bids give access to higher-profile experts and reduce the time needed to assemble the team of reviewers.

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