5 Must-Have Music Apps for Your Android Tablet

Since music made it onto the internet, access to our favourite bands, albums and music videos has never been wider or more affordable. Indeed, it’s a revolution for the ears, and a development that every music buff should appreciate and take advantage of. So what are 5 music apps that every Android tablet absolutely needs?


  1. Pandora – Pandora was one of the first online music apps that enabled users to discover new, and often obscure, artists. In many ways Pandora was able to pull together all the best aspects of having music online, and present them in a nice blue package for all to enjoy; in essence this app is your personal radio. Of course the free version does include advertisements, but for a relatively low monthly fee, you can enjoy a wide range of radio stations designed to suit your personal musical tastes.


  1. Spotify – Similar to Pandora, Spotify is another great way to discover new music and artists. Spotify differs from Pandora in that it isn’t an online radio app, but rather an online music library. You can collect your favourite albums, save playlists, and with a monthly subscription, even save music onto your computer or various devices. They also have a family plan so that everyone in the family can enjoy the vast music library that Spotify offers.


  1. Shazam – This app is so popular throughout the world that its name has been rendered a verb: to “shazam” something, means to use the app Shazam to get information about a song that might be playing in your environment. The usefulness of such an app doesn’t really need to be explained. How often have you heard a song on the radio or in a coffee shop and sought endlessly to remember what it’s called, or find out who it’s by? Shazam is the answer to such struggles, and it’s absolutely free!


  1. Stitcher Radio – Some argue that the days of radio have past, but Stitcher users can beg to differ. With this app you can get a vast range of radio stations wherever you are, accessing them via your smartphone or tablet. Listen to your favourite shows at any time of day and save your favourite stations. You can even create a custom station by stitching together your favourite shows from various different radio networks. Stitcher is a must have for any tablet, and yes, you can download it without charge.


  1. Powermap – This music app boasts to be the most powerful music player for the Android system, and it really does step up to the plate. While it costs $3.99, Powermap gives you your money’s worth by offering gapless play, a great equalization system, fantastic crossfade, and support for the most popular music file formats. You can try it free with a fifteen day trial, or download it right away to make sure that your tunes sound great whenever you play them from your tablet. This one is a must have for every music lover.

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