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Outreach gets $2M to help sales people get ‘super powers’


Outreach, a company that suggests it can give a sales person “super powers,” announced today a seed round of $2 million.

Those powers, CEO Manny Medina told me via email, allow the fortified sales person to “manage more prospects with less time.”

Communicating and following up, he pointed out, is the life of a salesperson. A never-ending process, it begs for automation but also needs the human touch. Outreach’s solution is to provide both.

Instead of a salesperson’s manually set reminders about when to follow up, the tool tracks which emails have been replied to and when phone calls have been made. It creates sequences that include the next most-appropriate step. Followups are crucial for getting a response from a prospect, but there’s such a thing as badgering someone. So, Outreach also knows when to cancel any pending, automated response.

Founded last year in Seattle, Outreach says nearly 250 client companies are using its platform. It claims that predictive lead scoring firm Fliptop, for instance, had its sales activity double in the first few weeks of using the tool.

The new funding, which brings the total raised thus far to $2.4 million, will be used to “continue to remove crud from a sales person’s workday, and give them back time to make more money,” Medina said.

More specifically, it will be used for product development, increasing staff, and growing the client base. Funders for this round are MHS Capital and Floodgate Capital.

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