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You can rent, test Apple Watch for USD 50 before buying it


If you are in San Francisco and wary of shelling out $350-10,000 on Apple’s smartwatch, then Lumoid will allow you to try it before you commit.

The San Francisco-based start-up has a home try-on program for other wearables too, including the Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker, Fitbit Surge, Samsung Gear Fit and the Pebble smartwatch.

While the cheapest Sport version of the Apple Watch (priced at $349-399) will cost $45 for a week, the steel version (priced at $549-1,099) can be availed for a week-long trial period for about $55.

The company will not offer the $10,000 edition on trial.

Lumoid said it decided to offer trial programs on wearable devices because they were intensely personalised. “What worked for your friend, may not work for you,” CBS News quoted Lumoid as saying.

Customers have to pay about $25 to have up to five fitness bands or smartwatches delivered to their homes for a weeklong trial period. After the trial period, if the customer chooses to buy one of the devices, Lumoid replaces the trial product with a new one and puts the fee toward the purchase price.

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