Take Advantage of YouTube Quick Features

You can buy YouTube likes, comments and subscribers to encourage people to view your videoAdding YouTube to your online marketing strategy will help increase brand awareness but before your videos can be of benefit, you have to get people interested in viewing them. Taking advantage of YouTube quick features will help you get the most from your marketing efforts and they’re easy to use. For example, YouTube allows you to connect with your other networking sites in a fast and efficient manner.

Using other social media sites to help promote your YouTube channel is a good business strategy, so they made it quick and easy for you to connect with other social platforms. This gives you more flexibility and it helps you spread word of your videos to everyone on your friends list, without spending a lot of time posting links to your video channel.

You can buy YouTube likes, comments and subscribers to encourage viewers to share your video but promoting your YouTube channel from other social networking sites will help to increase exposure. Taking advantage of this feature saves you valuable time because when you post your videos to YouTube, you’re also posting them to your other networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Customize Your Captions

Captions help to make your video’s stand out and they help you reach a wider audience but did you know that you could change caption font and format to match the content in your videos? While watching the video, click on the CC icon and then click on settings. This will allow you to customize the captions by making the font smaller or larger or by changing the background and foreground colors to make your video captions stand out and easier to view.

Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re not taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts, then you’re wasting valuable time that you could use to take care of other areas of your marketing campaign. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to view videos. The spacebar will allow you to pause or start the video, the home key takes it back to the beginning and the end key takes it to end. The arrow keys can advance or rewind the video or control the volume. Keyboard shortcuts will save you time, especially when you’re viewing other videos for research purposes.

Customizing your captions will help give your videos that extra touch they need to stand out, using keyboard shortcuts will help save you time and connecting your YouTube channel to other social networking sites will increase exposure. Taking advantage of these YouTube quick features will help you get the most from your online marketing strategy.


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Written by trankatey