Three Facebook Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing

Many companies use Facebook and other social media networks to market their businesses and to have a stronger online presence. If you have considered using social media then you need to know how to use it effectively. There are some things that you can do to make this marketing plan a success and to have the SEO results your website needs. There are over half a billion users on Facebook so it is vital to have a strong marketing campaign set up before you even set up your account. Below are three tips for marketing your business on Facebook.

It Starts With Your Profile

Your Facebook business account has to have a strong profile for those people who are viewing it so they know who you are and what your company is about. This also allows you to establish a bond with your users and they are more likely to buy your products and to like your page if you have a strong profile. You also need to have a good profile and cover photo that includes your branding or products on it. Once you have a strong profile, you can start posting status updates and other content to entice people to like your business page. The more Facebook likes you have the further the reach your marketing campaigns will go.

Take Advantage of the Events Page

You can set up contests and other events through the Facebook Events page, which helps you to promote products or services. You can get in touch with your targeted audience by only inviting them to join the event. You can even invite people who are not on your friends list to widen your range of attendees to the event. If you are offering a special on location at your company, you can use this to invite people who live in your area. You can also make the events either private or public so you can choose who can or cannot attend.

Tag Your Fans in Your Photos

People love to feel special and when you tag them in your photos they feel like they are more of a part of your company. You can also create a promotion where they are encouraged to tag themselves in your pictures. This gives you a great chance at some free publicity as the updates where people are tagged show up on their friend’s timelines. This also means that their friends are more inclined to like your page if they see that their friends like it too. If even one person likes your page because of tagging photos then it is well worth it.

If you want to market your company and business on Facebook then you need to remember to have a great profile along with pictures. Don’t forget to use the Events feature so you can invite people to take part in events and contests and you can target a larger audience. Finally, tag your fans in your photos so they will show up on their timeline where their friends can also like your page. If you do these things, you will have a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

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Written by trankatey

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