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Mozilla rolls out Firefox 34 with new default search engines

Some users of the open-source Firefox browser should not be surprised if they are asked if they want to switch default search engines from Google to Yahoo – or to Yandex in Russia.

This is after Mozilla released this week Firefox 34, which implemented its earlier announcement it is ditching Google for Yahoo as the default engine.
A change log by Mozilla said other changes include:
– an improved search bar
– Firefox Hello real-time communication client
– easier switching of personas or themes
– Wikipedia search using HTTPS
Mozilla also said it is now easier to recover from a locked Firefox process in the “Firefox is already running” dialogue on Windows.
It also said it implemented other security fixes in the latest version of Firefox.
Last November, Mozilla said it is ditching Google in favor of Yahoo as the default search engine for its US version.
But the new search box now offers more options, displaying buttons for other search engines.
A separate article on tech site The Next Web said the new Firefox marks Mozilla’s new partnership with Yahoo.
Update question
Firefox users updating to the new version will be asked if they want to switch to Yahoo as the default search engine. Users can click ‘Later’ to retain Google, though.
Meanwhile, Firefox for Android was also updated to version 34.
The Android app includes a new theme and the ability to mirror tabs to Chromecast.
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