3 Tips for a Great Instagram Profile


It is vital for any business owner to have a great Instagram profile if they want to make their brand known in the community. Profiles are a new concept with Instagram so getting them perfect can be a bit of a challenge. With more and more companies utilizing this mobile phone app for marketing, it is really important to stand out from the rest. The profile basically moves the mobile app to a more computer based network as the profile isn’t a part of the mobile app. What this also does is show that Instagram is more than just for phones but is a real competitor in the social media game. If you want to have a great Instagram profile, you need to follow the 3 tips below.

Enhance Your Mobile Network

Since the main focus is still on the mobile aspects of Instagram you need to enhance your mobile network through your profile. One thing to remember is that you’re not using Instagram as a picture version of Facebook which is a more computer based network. Even though Instagram is owned by Facebook and the profiles are similar the focus is still on mobile networking. The profile is just an enhancement for the mobile application but it still needs to pop for those who are on the internet from their computer.

Work within the Limitations

While the profile feature is very limiting and not as in depth as other social networks, it still needs to offer your viewers an insight into your brand. You can offer them a visually pleasing view of your company without distracting the viewers from what the site offers, photos. For a more in depth profile you can always add a link to your Facebook account where they can get more in depth information. Basically your profile is the landing page that can encourage Instagram users to start following your brand. You need to get as much information in as possible so they instantly know that it’s your brand they are looking at. Having an Instagram profile that is detailed and visually interesting will help grow your Instagram followers over time. Many people will increase their Instagram followers by purchasing them, while that technique may make you look Insta-popular it doesn’t truly build a following. Building a following takes time and hard work but it will benefit your business much more then just purchasing a number.

Use Collages

The use of a collage in your profile picture can allow you to utilize a group of pictures rather than simply having just one photograph with your logo on it. Speaking of your logo, make sure you do add at least one photo of your logo in your collage. Perhaps you can show a group of picture of your products or your employees working. The main thing is to make the most out of your profile picture since you don’t have a huge timeline photo like you would have on Facebook.

Even though the profile is not as generous as the profiles you’d have on other networking sites, you can still make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd. You have to work within the limitations to get a good profile but it is possible. Make sure you use a collage for your profile picture so you can incorporate many different aspects into the picture. You can also offer a link to your other social networking sites where your viewers can see a more in depth profile.


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