Social Signals Vs SEO

What is the impact of social signals for your keyword rankings? There has been an ongoing debate on whether social signals can help with your Google search engine keyword rankings. The confusion on this matter has not been helped with Matt Cutts, from Google, making counteracting announcements. In May, 2010, Cutts stated that social signals did not help keyword ranking. But then that coming December he retracted that by saying that it does help. In January 2014 he once again announced that it does not help with search engine optimization. Regardless of whether it can be confirmed that it does or does not influence the search engine results, social signals should not be ignored. It may still play an indirect role in rankings as it creates organic links. Cutts has previously stated that Google treats Facebook shares and Twitter retweets as normal pages and therefore if these pages can be crawled they will be. The information gathered will be returned back into Google search results.

What This Means

Organic links are created when you retweet and share pages. It may not play a huge role today in search engine optimisation but in the future it could be the new form of organic link building. Getting started now will help increase your chances of having an established social profile. However, this does not mean buying social shares are beneficial for your SEO as most social platforms can detect when likes and followers have been purchased. There are plenty of dishonest sites offering the sale of likes, followers, plays and views from all around the world. These sites are popping up like a contagious virus, from countries like Germany, Canada and even Australia. These sites are violating the terms and conditions of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you are silly enough to purchase these social packages you are putting your business at risk of losing your social pages.

The Future Is Social

As today’s youth are being raise with increasing exposure to social media, it will become the most popular form of contact in the future. Consumers trust social media more then other forms of advertisement, as it seems to portray an honest profile of a business. Reviews and recommendations from other users can generate immediate trust from new viewers. This means that the stronger your social profile is the more chances you have of converting today’s youth to the future’s consumers and make money online!

Get Ahead Now

The longer you leave out social media from your marketing strategy the further behind you will be. It is a trend that will not go away, in fact just when you think there’s already one too many social media platforms, another one will pop up. Get ahead now buy starting your social profiles on all platforms and start building an online profile for your business through social media. With features like photos and movies available on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, social media is the one stop shop for all your marketing needs. Whatever you do don’t ignore social media!

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Written by trankatey

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